all is leaf, so to amplify the wonder

Rosalind Fowler

all is leaf, so to amplify the wonder

A new film installation by artist Rosalind Fowler, made together with sound artist Nicole Bettencourt Coelho and choreographer Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome.

Inspired by shamanic cosmologies and Goethean approaches to accessing our innate plant knowledge, all is leaf, so to amplify the wonder reflects on a series of collective journeys to encounter wild herbs at food growing cooperative Organiclea.

Working with local gardeners, herbalists and others, plant responses and impressions were gathered through collective ritual, drawing, movement and voice.

The weaving together of these materials and imagery of these traditionally sacred plants through 16mm filmic works forms an incantion, calling for re-enchantment with non-human worlds at a time of ecological crisis.

The installation will also feature an artist talk, performance, and sensory herb and sound immersion.

Check back for timings.

Supported by Arts Council England and Loughborough London Open Fund.