Paprika (15)

Programmed by Barbican Cinema

Paprika (15)


Paprika is a film about dreams – the ones we talk about, the ones we think we can keep to ourselves, and the ones exposed by a new technology that allows others to enter and even control our dreams.

When glacially beautiful scientist Atsuko creates an alter ego for her secret dream therapy work, she’s Paprika – feisty, fearless and fifteen years younger. If the technology that enables the work fell into the wrong hands, the outcome could be fatal. Then it’s stolen. As reality begins to unravel, Atsuko’s team and one of her patients have to put things right. A dazzling visual experience wrapped around a densely layered story, the film is based on a novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, one of the director’s favourite authors.

Japan 2006 Dir Satoshi Kon 87 min Digital presentation
This screening will be presented with on screen English subtitles. Please note, this film contains moderate sexualised violence.