Relaxed Screening: Best of WOFFF

Women Over 50 Film Festival

Relaxed Screening: Best of WOFFF


Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) present a dazzling display of documentary, comedy, animation, drama and experimental short film from an older generation of women storytellers.

WOFFF champions the work of older women in front of and behind the camera. Striving to create a film community to combat both structural visibility and loneliness, each of their curated shorts feature a woman over 50 at its heart either on screen, or as writer, producer or director.

This event is dementia-friendly which means the lights are up, chatting is encouraged, and people can come and go as they please. You can come along for one or two films or stay for them all. All shorts presented in this selection will have on screen English subtitles for the Hard of Hearing.

12.00 Welcome and refreshments

Germany 2018 Dir Maike Mahira Koller 3 mins

UK 2018 Dir Heather Dirckze, Charanpreet Khaira, Melina Campos 6 mins

The Wait
UK 2016 Dir Dhruv Tripathi 17 mins

The Past Is Another Country
UK 2014 Dir Magda Rakita 5 mins

Lady M
UK 2018 Dir Tammy Riley Smith 15 mins

13.00 Goodbyes, hellos and refreshments

And She Rode Forth
Canada 2018 Dir Deb Ethier 3 mins

Ripe Figs
USA 2017 Dir Artemis Preeshl 9 mins

Tell Me I'm Forgiven
UK 2018 Dir Alison Child 4 mins

Gloria's Call
USA 2018 Dir Cheri Gaulke 17 mins

The Beekeeper
UK 2018 Dir Alexa Banks 9 mins

My Brand New Baby
UK 2018 Dir Gini Wide 2 mins

14:00 Goodbyes, hellos and refreshments

What A Peaceful Day
Taiwan 2016 Dir Eden Chan 5 mins

The Matchmaker
USA 2017 Dir Leonora Pitts 11 mins

UK 2016 Dir Jennifer Zheng 5 mins

Ready To Go
UK 2017 Dir Lynda Reiss 9 mins

Mushroom Thief
UK 2010 Dir Joan Ashworth 7 mins

UK 2018 Malcolm Green 6 mins

Do your homework! Get to know WOFFF's founder Nuala O'Sullivan over on the blog.